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SocaVision Global was established in 2018, in New York City by a dynamic team with Caribbean roots. We’ve always enjoyed their cultural pastimes of Carnival, good food and a great ‘lime‘ with friends. The concept for SocaVision Global formed after experiencing a variety of cruises and soca parties; a vision of having a fun-filled cruise with soca music and other cultural rhythms was born. It became our mission to deliver an experience of good vibes, with good music, good food and fun where the eclectic fusion of rhythmic African drums and Tassa beating, iron knocking, maracas shaking and steel pan playing, all fused together to give us the sweet sound of soca music. This genre of music is loved by millions, and we want to share it with many more!

The name SocaVision Global emphasizes the epicenter of Caribbean people, a multicultural community. We are here to provide consumers around the globe with unique experiences on the seas as well as beautiful island treasures that bring hearts to heaven on earth. Endless fun and superior service, we present FeteTopia!


The SocaVision Global mission is to take Soca events to another level by promoting Soca Cruise leaving directly from NYC, the melting pot, the Mecca-if I may (outside of Trinidad of course) A little known fact; most Soca events happening outside of the Caribbean, mainly takes place in New York City, throughout the years!

After the many years of rising Soca Communities around the world, now is the time to offer the most incredible Fun-Filled Soca bash coming right out of NYC!

We are easily accessible to all. New Yorkers and surrounding states, you’re only a train, bus, cab, or car ride away. For our global travelers, JFK and LA Guardia airports are conveniently located close to Bklyn Cruise Terminal in NYC.

FETETOPIA – Where strangers become friends and friends become FeteTopia-Fama-la-la-la-la-la-la-la.